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    # Help! 1.4.3 (PDA/PPC)   # SetFileTime

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The download of the programs Control IO, ControlCDdoor, demo-
windows forms-Net
and ControlHandles is possible at
bits and pieces -> joke functions (programming).

Watch out! All programs allocated here are freeware and therefore free.

Please note that I also use the programs and mistakes are excluded as far as possible and there are no known losses (if not mentioned), but nevertheless no guarantee for damage free function can be given!

requirements To execute nearly all here presented programs the redistributable-version of the dotNet-Framework for the specific device is required.

This package is probably already installed, however it can be downloaded in case of problems at the following address:

tip for owner of PPCs: To choose the right cab-file for the right processor architecture e.g. the software procMan from isosoft.org can be used.

Webmaster: Please link to this page (maybe with anchors) and not directly to the files.

# Help! 1.4.3 (PDA/PPC)

main screen of Help!   [view the description of Help!]

OS: Windows Pocket PC 2002/2003 or Windows Mobile 5 / 6
with .NET framework

screen resolution: SQVGA / QVGA tested: 240x240 px² | 240x320 px²

Version: 1.4.3 (corr) [Dec 4th, 2010]


  • two spelling mistakes were corrected

Changelog to 1.4.2:

  • easier entry of the hours

EnglishDownload of cab-file: [~ 80 kB]

Dutch (Netherlands) [only download] Dutch version: (zip) Help! 1.4.3 Dutch [many thanks to Wietze]
German German version: Help! German download page

linked from:

Installation instructions:

  1. download the cab installation file
  2. copy the cab-file on your end user device (pda or ppc)
  3. run and install the cab-file there
  4. start and enjoy the installed program!

The cab-file is no longer required for the execution of the program after the installation on the PocketPC is done.

limited version for computers

Furthermore the download of an (in use) limited executable version for a computer is possible. For example this version might be used for a simple input of your data and subsequent to export these data into a profile, that is copied on the end user device:

(.net) download of the limited version for a PC of Help!

# SetFileTime (Windows)

[view the description of SetFileTime]  

part view of the main screen of SetFileTime

platform: computer [.Net-Framework]

OS: Windows XP/Vista resp. every with installed .Net-Framework

Version: 1.0

Download of binary version (exe): [13,1 kB]

Download of setup version: [194 kB]

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