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Here are some of my former windows programming projects available for free download.

These are smaller applications that I have developed for the .Net-Framework for windows computers and also pocket-pcs (ppc) with Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Mobile 6.

"Help!" for a mobile device with Windows Mobile 2003, WM 5/WM 6

electronic timetable - main screen of Help! on a pocket pcThis is a small program for a PDA/PPC helping the despaired student or pupil a little bit to find the rooms for his instructions or lectures.

It was developed while I visited the 11th class because I hated to take out my time-table to look where to go. So I programed this program last year (April 2008) to see the room and the next lessons.

After school Help! displays a packing list for the next (school) day to show what to take out and to bring into your bag.

[detailed description of Help!]

"SetFileTime" for a computer with the .Net-Framework

For files and folders various time information (creation date, access date and change date) are stored in the file properties by windows.

part view of the main screen of SetFileTimeWho would like everyone to know when a file was generated? Or that the presentation for the next school day was completed at about 02:34 am?

Change the system time each time?

Unnecessary! - SetFileTime offers the possibility to change and to indicate these properties independently.

Have fun. But don't trust in the time properties too much =)

[detailed description of SetFileTime]

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